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03-30-08, 06:05 PM
Hi All,

I am hoping someone here may have struck a similar issue and may have some suggestions for me.

I have been dual booting XP x86 SP2 and Vista x64 SP1 Ultimate for about 2 months. My System is:
AM2 6000
8800GTS 320MB
4GB Ram

Up until the weekend it has been running beautifully with the nVidia 169.25 drivers. However on Saturday I booted up my machine into Vista, it got past the green loading bar and then the monitor looses signal, I can hear Vista in the background still loading so its not a Windows issue. Anyway I rebooted again just incase and same thing. I booted into XP, no problems, went back into Vista and booted into Safe Mode. I checked the nvidia forums and a few people have reported the same issue and suggested a few different driver versions to try. 4 Hours later still no luck, have tried everything from 162.22 up to 174.74, even the Microsoft Update ones. Anyway I got the sh*ts and reformatted on Sunday and put the original working drivers back on, being 169.25, booted and same problem still from a fresh Vista SP1 install.

The other funny thing is, when it comes up no signal, if I unplug the monitor from the gfx card and plug it back in I actually get a picture, however it then displays 2 monitors and my (only) monitor comes as being a non-pnp monitor and wont let me go above 1280x. The Monitor by the way is a Chimei 22" CVS 221D (from memory that is the model, sorry i am at work at the moment). And then a reboot the same thign happens again and I have to unplug and plug my monitor back in again.

I could have accepted this if the reformat had of fixed it but it hasnt so it completely has me stuffed at the moment.

Anyone have any ideas or things I can try? Remember I am now on a fresh install of Vista SP1 with only those drivers installed. I didnt bother going through the whole 4 hours of trying different drivers again.

As I said on the nvidia forums (which really havent offered anything at all, let alone anything useful to try), I have been a loyal nVidia users for many years, yet with a useless Vista x64 SP1 sitting on my machine I am seriously considering going ATI. I am hoping I can solve the issue though as I would prefer to stay with nVidia if I can.

Thank you,

03-31-08, 02:28 AM
Fixed, see here for the solution.

03-31-08, 04:00 AM
For me booting into safe mode, uninstalling display drivers, running driver cleaner and reinstalling the drivers (in safe mode) usually worked.