View Full Version : Hardware limitations holding back Supreme Commander sequel

03-31-08, 05:06 PM
Speaking about the addition of new faction the Seraphim in Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance in an interview with PC Zone magazine, he explained, "... the only thing stopping me from doing it [adding new factions] on any sequel is memory".

"I've been told by my engineers that for Supreme Commander 2, I don't have enough memory in a PC with 4GB of RAM to have more factions".

"We'll return to the SC universe again," Taylor went on to reveal, "but we'll just have to see when that day is. Maybe when everybody has 64-bit processors..."


Ofcourse, most enthusiasts nowadays have 4GB+ memory. But then they'll be severely limiting their playerbase. :(

Also, 700th post. WOO!

03-31-08, 05:40 PM
This sounds sensless to me. How adding new factions make that game need few GB more?

03-31-08, 06:05 PM
I dunno but the amount of weapons in BF2 was limited by memory constraints as well

03-31-08, 06:07 PM
There are hundreds and hundreds of independent units per map in that game... I believe it.

03-31-08, 06:12 PM
Mojo, BF2? no...

Supreme commander, not really. If you tried to ADD to the current battle, another faction fighting alongside, then yea sure, problems would arrise. On the other hand simply creating another faction to go 1 on 1 with another would not.

03-31-08, 06:44 PM
WOW thats a lotta RAM usage!

03-31-08, 07:19 PM
Well its already eating over 2g of ram if you play on big map with several players ~8 and max unit limit, but not everyone has to play overkill maps , most play medium with 4 -6 players and modest number of units , i don't see a problem with extra factions :o , its nice to have options for future , just like Crysis and crazy graphic settings.

03-31-08, 08:26 PM
doesn't scale :(