View Full Version : Konami's April Fools joke shows MGS4 Gameplay!

04-01-08, 10:51 AM

Ignore that april fools part with Altir but rather concentrate on the fact that none of the footage in the video has really been released before to the public so its not some kids photoshop job. Its from Konami or Ubisoft and its really gameplay... other then Snake being in an Altir skin.

04-01-08, 10:57 AM
lol altair with cigarette :D

04-01-08, 01:12 PM
Thats awesome.

Mr. Hunt
04-01-08, 01:35 PM
That is awesome... the new footage has me even more excited for MGS4... loved the ending lol.

04-01-08, 07:49 PM
haha i'm really thinking maybe koijma is going to be including assassin's creed suit as unlockable cloth in the game. i mean, it looks so cool. i doubt it's one of april's fool jokes. i guess we have to wait until june 12.

04-02-08, 05:22 AM
Simply Amazing!
MGS4 its head and shoulders above anything else on consoles OR Pc..
Not only in graphics but in the intensity of the action its incredible too. Only CAll of Duty4 comes close.. but still the combats and the action doesnt look as real as the ones in Kojima game.

04-02-08, 06:59 AM
You always make me LOL Nv40.

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