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05-01-03, 01:29 PM
Just bought a Seagate 10K RPM 73gb drive with a whopping 16meg of cache on it to replace my IBM 73lzx 18gb. :)

I'm in no big hurry to get it here but it'll be a fun little project to re-assemble my SCSI array.

Here's the link to the drive I just got:

An excellent price, yes?

While I was at it, I also got myself one of these badazz drive coolers which are ofcourse necessary for the enterprise class fun.

The new drive cooler kit should let me mount both of my seagate cheetahs. I'll be keeping the 15K RPM drive for my main OS partition and will put all my games and other files on the new 73gb drive. Such fun! And at a decent price to.

Now, here's to hoping it all comes in one piece and undamaged. :p

05-01-03, 01:42 PM
enjoy !!! I know i would ;) ..fast reliable .. pr0n :p

05-01-03, 02:38 PM
Only thing that's kind of a bummer about the whole deal is that even after dumping a ton of money into my SCSI array the WD360 raptor still shows as a faster drive in the desktop environment even though the cache size is half what my seagate has. Supposedly a lot of it has to do with the algorithms they use to drive the caches on these disks. Enterprise drives are more optimized for random access versus localized patterns which is why the raptor manages to beat SCSI drives in the desktop environment... :mad:

Almost makes you wish seagate would offer a firmware update that would take care of that and make the drive work a little better with the desktop. <sigh> :(

05-01-03, 05:09 PM
I downloaded something called seatools from seagate ..I assume you've heard of it. but some of hte options there given to me were somewhat compelling as it could increase performance .. .although icould be wrong on that too

05-01-03, 10:04 PM
Seatools is one of the best free diagnostic programs I've used yet. Unfortunately it doesn't do anything for performance as far as I know...

05-02-03, 12:17 AM
Can you please share your performance with us??

Please, download HD Tach (www.tcdlabs.com) and benchmark your SCSI array, and then post the result graph.... Could you??
Only read test, of course.

If you have XP/2K, you need to register it to make the test. :(

05-02-03, 12:44 AM
Unfortunately (or not?) I'm using XP. So, I would have to fork over some of my hard-earned clams and register this bad boy before I could benchmark with it. At the moment, having plunked down $210 for another SCSI drive and $40 for a triple drive cooler w/80mm fan I'm not really excited about spending more money. However, that may change at some point. My apologies for not satisfying your (and my, for that matter) curiousity with this benchie.

Funny though... A poster above mentioned Seatools and I replied back about how it was just a diagnostic. The poster was right. Seagate tech support got back to me with some information. I put Seatools in advanced mode and discovered some performance settings that might help out. I'm not sure the benchmarks done in some of the reviews out there where they compared the Cheetah drives to the WD Raptor took this setting into account or not. It MIGHT have made a difference.

Attached is a screenshot of the Seatools settings that affect the performance. Of particular note is the performance mode setting WHICH DEFAULTS TO SERVER optimizations. Unless reviewers went in and changed this setting you would think the Cheetahs used in comparisons were @ server default, giving the Raptor an advantage.

Provocative, eh??? :eek:

05-02-03, 01:20 AM
yeah . .funny a friend of mine mentioned it to me and such . without him i would have never thought about such a tool