View Full Version : Sins of a Solar Empire Expansion Announced

04-03-08, 03:51 PM

After gushing about how amazing Sins of a Solar Empire is in my recent review of the title, you can imagine my excitement yesterday when Stardock President and CEO Brad Wardell revealed that an expansion for the game is coming in the reasonably near future.

While he couldn't nail down a date for the expansion pack's release, Mr. Wardell did mention that the expansion would include some much-requested features including a "full on campaign" mode as well as new playable factions.

Additionally, Wardell mentioned that the next updates for the game should be coming very soon.

Patch 1.04 is basically complete and should be out in the next few days, and Patch 1.1 (which includes a revamped networking system and a whole new maximum graphics setting for those of you with top of the line computers) is already in the works and shouldn't be too far off.


04-03-08, 04:59 PM
Is there anyway to change the difficulty setting in that game? :o

04-03-08, 08:06 PM
I doubt I'll bother with an expansion pack. Campaign mode should have been in the initial game, we shouldn't have to pay extra for it. Single player in the existing game is boring as its basically just a "skirmish" mode like in a C&C game. This wouldn't matter if the game were as deep as Gal Civ 2 or Civilization, but its not.

Online Multiplayer would be good if you could actually play it. Most games end in the first few minutes because of people either crashing or quitting. Looks like everyone else is fed up with it too as the game lobby has been very empty as of late.