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04-07-08, 05:42 AM
Just bought a new system and after putting it together I am experiencing problems with the graphic card:

When I work on windows, MS office, Internet explorer, etc... there are no issues, but on most games with 3D (not all of them) after a random time playing, the screen suddenly freeze with a hard system lock, showing a neon bright multicolored still of the last frame. Then I have to manually reset the system.

System specs are

Motherboard ASUS Maximus Formula
Processor Intel Core 2 quad Q6600 2,4GHz
Graphic card ASUS Nvidia 8800 GT 1GB
Power source Hyper 880 W
Hard Drive Seagate 700Gb
Hard Drive Seagate 250 GB
1 media card reader
Screen Samsung Syncmaster 2232BW 22" (native 1680x 1050 2ms )
All running on
Windows XP Pro

Nvidia's control panel, identify its version as It appears on the device manager with controller version

Any idea of what is causing the freezes?

I'm already out of ideas and tired about this problem.

04-07-08, 05:56 AM
Perhaps you could give us your temperatures on the graphics card using Rivatuner or atitool (under load of course).

Most freezes are either caused by overheating or driver conflicts.

04-07-08, 06:51 AM
It would surprise me if it were a temperature problem
The box is an aluminium Lian Li with a big 12cm fan for cool air intake in the low front and another big 12cm fan for exhaust, on the top back , plus all the holes in the boxe's structure...and the additional exhaust 12 cm fan of the 850W power unit....it is a very cool box, and inmediately after switch off, all components and heat sinks can be touched with the hand without fear of burn. It feels just warm, not hot.

Also, if it were temperature, it would happen after certain time, or when the machine is hot, but the freezes happen randomly, sometimes happen sometimes after 5 minutes with a cold machine and other times, with the same game, after 2 hours of gameplay.

Anyhow I'll follow your advice to check out the graphic card temperature, but again, it looks to me as unlikely.

I'd like someone to post the standard config /settings of the graphic card, just to make sure that while configuring it, I did not set conflicting or too demanding features.

04-07-08, 06:56 AM
would any nvidia driver work with the 1gb version? or does it need special drivers to recognize the 1gb instead of 512?

04-07-08, 07:26 AM
Hard system lock after some time of playing? Sounds like overheating!

04-07-08, 08:32 AM
I have a 8800 gt 512mb that cant overclock very well and locks up in games if overclocked too high(which isnt very much to me) requiring me to restart pc.

04-08-08, 12:55 PM
Well it could be a driver thing if he didn't clear out the old ones first, especially if they were a different series like a 7900 or some such. It will work but not very well and does manifest itself more in games like a heat issue would but more randomly. Heat should be after 45 mins of gaming it locks everytime, but this could be 5 mins to two hours before it locks.

04-08-08, 01:55 PM
update your mb bios - i seem to remember reading about asus mb bugs with 8800gt's an Q6600's not to long ago this might not be it but it wouldnt hurt if you havnt done already

use driver cleaner pro an clean out all old driver or parts of drivers you may have still on your system

reinstall new current drivers

im pretty sure asus 8800gt's are reference board cards an have issues with overheating if the problem persists you should look at an aftermarket cooling solution or at worse you could have a defective card :/

04-08-08, 04:46 PM
OK, checked the temperature of the card with the ASUS smart doctor utility.

The temperature is always between 50-60 degrees celsius (120-140 F) even at maximum load.

I'll check the driver issue and flash the VGA chip.

will keep you posted.