View Full Version : Going from 2 sticks of RAM to 4, do you have to increase voltage?

04-07-08, 04:12 PM
I'm going from 2x2gb sticks to 4x2gb sticks of RAM. Do i have to increase the dimm voltage or can i just pop them in problem free. I think i'm remembering that you have to increase it. Is this correct? and if so, by how much? currently its at 1.8v

04-07-08, 04:13 PM
I just run mine at the recommended settings and it works fine.

04-07-08, 07:55 PM
You shouldn't have to increase the voltage unless you are overclocking them. Just make sure they are at the correct recommended voltage they should be at in the BIOS.

04-07-08, 08:10 PM
You might want to increase MHC voltage a tad (memory host controller) as all 4 dims taken may put a bit of stress on the n bridge.