View Full Version : CoD Problem

04-07-08, 04:36 PM
This is the second time around with this game, and the first time there was no problems, but that was with a different hardware configuration than now...but then I really don't know if the problem is hardware or not.

I'm in the early levels and there has already been a couple of places where that it cannot be finished without restarting multiple times...if at all, because the objectives cannot be completed. For instance, I can't remember the name of the level, but it is the one where gliders are used to land at a bridge, which is the objective. No problem destroying the tank, but it is not possible to kill all of the remaining troops. A couple of times the "surviving" soldier becomes inanimate, and cannot be killed. The last time there were three "survivors" that were impossible to locate.

This is the original version, patched to 1.5 but it still says 1.3 on the opening screen. Does anyone have any idea of whether this is an installation. hardware or settings problem?