View Full Version : c2d 8400/8500 availability issues due to fab capacity?

04-10-08, 02:25 AM
The reviewer says "Sadly getting hold of them, especially the E8400 with its optimum Price-to-Performance ratio at 3.00GHz at around 130, is a bit of a task - even after three months the availability is a little short. Why? At IDF in Shanghai, Tim did a bit of digging and discovered this was more to do with 45nm fab capacity than it was with yield issues."


Do you believe it?
Is Intel having production/yeild issues w/ the new 45nm chips?
Some other explanation?

04-10-08, 06:02 AM
It's not just the C2D. They're having the same problems with the C2Q: Q9450/Q9550. Things were fine with the extremes but when it comes to mainstream parts they just can't meet demand - processors are trickling out. Not even OEMs seem have these processors. I wouldn't say it's just a capacity issue as Intel promised everyone these processors would be out in January and they've been delayed ever since.