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04-24-08, 06:51 PM
Hello everyone this is my first post here i usually dont go on forums asking for help i normally like to do things myself or just read any suggestions, and I am not going to break that trend here. Rather I am going to offer advice.
[These are my system specs]
Asus striker extreme Mobo
Q6600 Intel quad core processor
2gbs mushkin performance ram (sli)
Asus Aquatank 8800 GTX 768 mb video card
Western digital raptor 10,000 rpm 150gb main drive
Seagate 500 gb storage
NZXT Powersupply 900-1000 watt (not the greatest PS)

Ok so Ive been reading lots of forums, and the reason is my video card decided the other day it was not gonna work, It turned on fans were spinning, lights were lit up but there was absoloutely no signal from the card. I had been reading and reading and reading and unfortunately i could not find an answer that was viable or seemed proper for what was happening here, People were too quick to jump to "hardware failure, IE Faulty PCI slots, The card is bad, power supply problem has to be" I got the card working again today. I did not change any hardware or do anything except put iin an old 8500 gt which the system found right away. then i restarted. at restart i cut power to the box and unplugged the surge protector I kept the 8500 gt in the express 1 slot and put the beast (8800) iinto the pci x16 slot, (not the card i have has a water cooler i did not put that back in, in fact it is off right now and not in use. I have one monitor so i kept the 8500 as the video device (meaning didnt switch the DVI cable to the 8800) then i booted up the system. the system found the 8800 but it did not know what it was! it said it couldnt find the proper driver for the device, and i kept trying to load the drivers that came on the CD to no avail. then I remembered something from all my years with computers, Nvidias drivers ARE TERRIBLE and when they arent properly installed or get corrupted in some way removing them is a hassle if you dont have a program specifically for removing them you gotta go into the registry and delete everything nvidia which is what i did, but b4 I did this I uninstalled the drivers through device manage then i edited my registry. then i restarted the comp. I then switched the DVI cable into the 8800 and voila the card output video like nothing ever happened. it did manage to die out on the first restart but i am persistan so i started it up again and here i am writing this in the forums. I hope it helps, But dont just start sending em back because you dont want to take the time to figure things out, Nvidia needs to do a better job with drivers.....Granted , but if you send back your card every time soemthing goes wrong and enough people do this nvidia isnt going to deal with it they are going to make new cards and try to phase these out ASAP and if you want support for your card the phasing out isnt gonna help that.

And To nvidia godammit get your ass in gear and start building stable drivers people dont buy these cards to just have problems with them I know some things are out of your hands, and I know all systems are different, Across a platform (PC, Mac, Linux etc) you should be plenty capable of stableizing cards (even factory ocd cards) so they work properly. There i said what I had to. hope it helps
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04-24-08, 07:07 PM
Hi welcome to NVNEWS forum.

But this is so old news now, Nvidia drivers are not terrible so you will need to download latest official Geforce 8800 driver from Nvidia website below.


Download the correct driver for your OS and report back if the driver install fine, you dont need to edit the registry nonsense.