View Full Version : Is my 7800gtx go toast?

04-25-08, 04:03 PM

I have a sager 5720 laptop with a 7800gtx go card. Recently the screen started to turn off abruptly, and i started getting these artifacts. For a moment, when i cleaned it all up, it went away, meaning that i could boot into windows and i saw no artifacts what so ever, but as soon as i started a game, the intro itself crashed.

I disassembled the whole thing and applied artic silver to both the cpu and gpu, but it's still here...

04-25-08, 04:16 PM
looks fubar to me

04-25-08, 07:57 PM
too bad i watched private ryan,

so in order to get this lappy to work i need a... $300 video card?

04-26-08, 12:31 AM
See if you can get a bios update for you're card as a last result. If the card's on it's way to NV Land then try to play with it and flash it with the lastest bios update.

04-26-08, 01:35 AM
Yeah looks toast, I had the same thing go with my 7800GS after I cooked some of the memory on it. :(

04-26-08, 05:52 AM
Can you point me to a tutorial or something about bios flashing? I'm having trouble flashing the regular bios on my laptop, that has probably cost me the card since i never upgraded to a bios that had the full auto fan option.

04-26-08, 08:38 AM
looks like your memory took a ****. :thumbdwn:

04-26-08, 07:28 PM
well hopefull you had a card with lifetime warrantee then you can get it replaced but yes it does look like the memory is bad. Usually heat or bad mem cause artifacts, no bios update for your card will fix the issue.

04-27-08, 03:22 PM
That's what my friend has on his 5700 Go. The picture is all ****. BIOS update didn't fix it, neither did a driver update.