View Full Version : Nvidia driver 174.74 crashes while playing Second Life

04-26-08, 10:08 AM
I am running an EVGA Nvidia 9800 GX2 card with the latest drivers for Windows Vista 32 bit, which is the Nvidia 174.74. The install was a clean one. While running Second Life, the driver will freeze the screen completely and/or go black. I know Windows didn't crash because I can still hear my Winamp playing.

Is this a known bug or is there anything I can do ? I've tried reinstalling the drivers completely and also reinstalling Vista completely, and nothing helps. TIA.


on edit: I've already submitted a bug report to Nvidia with all the details.

04-27-08, 04:06 AM
What happens when you don't have winamp going?

04-28-08, 12:20 PM
What happens when you don't have winamp going?

It still crashes :(

04-30-08, 01:41 PM
174.74 was buggy for me in another game, "Assassin's Creed". 174.93 and 175.12 were not. I believe 175.12 does support the GX2. You may want to try them.