View Full Version : BF2142 update 1.40 keep installing under windows vista 64-bit

04-29-08, 02:11 PM

Problem as the title says

How Can I solve this?


04-29-08, 02:23 PM
what you mean keeps installing?

04-29-08, 02:58 PM
When the update is done, he begins all over again

04-29-08, 02:59 PM
Theres a new patch 1.5 coming out within the next two weeks so you might just want to wait and install that. Official widescreen support is coming, bug fixes, and also contains 2 new maps...one of the them is of course....Wake Island. I'll have to give it a go.

04-29-08, 09:03 PM
1.50 going official so soon? Thought they would put it through beta first.

04-30-08, 06:45 AM
Well, I want a solution now :)

I already tried the compatibility modus, but it's a no go

04-30-08, 07:18 AM
try re-installing(uninstall first, remove the folder) the game, only real reason why something like that would be happening is one of the files is corrupt or altered. No-CD crack could cause that.

well maybe one more reason, you don't have administrative rights to overwrite some files, try running it with admins rights

04-30-08, 12:31 PM
Well, I'm admin, I don't use a no cd, cause the game has a EA Download Manager EXE

But gonna try it with admin rights, never had problems on vista 32-bit, just now with 64-bit

04-30-08, 01:03 PM
1.5 beta supposed to start end of April, which is now, and the release is supposed to be early May.

04-30-08, 09:02 PM
So only one week beta? That's short compared to 1.40.

04-30-08, 09:14 PM
well of course everything will be delayed...as usual. Here is the source:

Q: When will Battlefield 2142™ Update 1.50 be released?
A: Update 1.50 will be released for public beta in the not too distant future and is there to get your feedback as well as run checks on server stability. All being well, we will release Update 1.50 at the beginning of May. Visit battlefield.com for more announcements regarding the beta and launch and leave your feedback on the forums.


05-05-08, 06:36 AM
ok, reinstalling now