View Full Version : 9800GTX Tri-SLi and Memory Speed

05-01-08, 05:35 AM
You fellows seen this? Check out "Crysis" and "World in Conflict".


Real gains in both games I noted at 1920x with a doubling of system memory speed from 800 to 1600.

05-01-08, 05:44 AM
Wow, even at those high resolutions it makes a hell of a difference with 3+ GPU's. Tri and Quad SLI obviously needs a crap-load of bandwidth and is VERY dependent on it.

Oh well. DDR3 prices are dropping fast. Should be quite affordable by the time i'm ready for a major upgrade.

05-01-08, 08:59 AM
I am thinking about 790i + the Q9650 (when it comes out) DDR 3 1600 and the next big thing from nVidia in SLi. Perhaps the rumored 9900. Of course I'll go 1920x for my LCD or even 2560x.

Next time I upgrade it's going to be a fairly massive affair.