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05-04-03, 04:54 PM
Hey guys..

Im building a new system for a friend.

I need some suggestions.

He wants the Shuttle case..I was going to go with the SN41G2. This thing is real quiet..My brother has one..Its an awesome rig.

Here are the specs..

Shuttle XPC SN41G2 Nvidia nForce2/MCP-T 2 DDRAM
AMD Chip = ? Barton 2800 or XP2700?
Memory = 1 x 512 PC-3200LL Corsair XMS or 2 x 256 ?
Graphix = Nvidia ti4600 <-- Which company ? PNY? Visiontek?
HD = WD80 gig 8mb cache
CD =LiteOn LDW-400D (6x1 CD-DVD burner) <-- Not sure on this but he wants a combo..

Im doing research on all of this as well.

Shoot away on any suggestions at all..Im all ears..Anything I should add or take away..Thx for reading!

The Baron
05-04-03, 04:58 PM
Why, Barton 2800 and 2 256 meg XMS sticks.

As for the video card, why don't you get him a 9600 Pro? Or a 9500 Pro? Or a 9700 vanilla, since they're probably about the same price by now?