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05-01-08, 02:50 PM
This place has been around awhile, but I didnt know of it till now. I thought it was cool. Granted they prolly dont get exclusive stuff like PCGamer and whomever but still pretty nifty.

GamerZines for PC, PS3, 360, Wii, MMO, HG. Need Adobe.


05-01-08, 03:10 PM
I downloaded the PC Issue. Disappointing to see they used press images for reviews (how hard is to install fraps and press f2 bunch of times...) Overall, the magazine is pretty okay. They say they have 40,000 subscribers, but their Alexa rank would sorta say otherwise. But ah well, it's free, so I'll shut my yapper. :p

05-01-08, 03:15 PM
Yea plus no demos... But hey, the game ad's stream video! :p

If anyone has any links to similar stuff, do share. :)