View Full Version : FS: A-DATA Extreme Edition 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR2 800

05-02-08, 07:47 PM
I am selling my beloved A-Data Extreme Edition Ram and moving to a 4 GB (2 X 2GB) set of the same thing and Vista 64. This is one of the fastest DDR2 800 sets available. They are at least equal to Crucial Ballistix (or faster) without the high failure rate. This will be a great buy for someone building a new system or upgrading from slower ram. These were purchased in Dec. Check out a very detailed review here.


The exact model is adqvd1a16k, I have these running at 800 4-4-4-11 on 2.0 v.

Newegg no longer carries these but here is the old item page.


Asking $35 shipped Paypaly only, heat is under j0j081 and I am also registered to sell here. Thanks for looking.

05-03-08, 10:18 AM
lowered price a bit.

05-04-08, 03:20 PM
last bump. putting these on ebay tonight.

05-08-08, 03:27 AM
These are sold.