View Full Version : GTA IV PS3 - Anyone got online play working?

05-03-08, 04:16 PM
Has anyone actually managed to get a game of this online yet?

When I access multiplayer from the mobile menu everything freezes except the sound is in a loop.

Hold down the PS button and nothing happens, complete hard lock.

Can't believe the troubles i'm having with this blasted game, so they aren't 60GB model specific by any means.

05-03-08, 04:17 PM
online play is freakin awesome on XBL. :headbang:

05-03-08, 04:29 PM
Played online everday since I got it on PS3! I have heard there are some problems though with being online and trying to start the game, it freezes once you log onto the internet.

05-03-08, 04:41 PM
PA the problems could be tied to the known issues... hopefully they will patch it soon. I haven't tried to play MP yet so I don't know if it works for me or not.

05-03-08, 04:52 PM
I knew I should have stuck with the 360 version I got through the post on pre-order, had a hunch... just knew it. lol

Noticed the wireless light going bonkers before the game was freezing on the load screen. It's something to do with the multiplayer being integrated into the single player mobile phone menu thing, sure of it. Also noticed when actually trying to load up the multi player menu the wireless light was going crazy trying to load right before it froze up.

I hope Rockstar are putting some overtime in here.

05-03-08, 05:20 PM
Nope. Have to disable net connect on PS3 in order to even load the game so no MP for me till there is a fix.

05-03-08, 07:01 PM
it sucks some ppl are having problems with the game. they need to release some patches for PS3 and 360.

05-03-08, 08:26 PM
yeah its worked fine here with no problems whatsoever :D