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05-08-08, 02:23 PM
F/S shuttle HTPC NAS boxes Gigabit switches and a couple rack mounted servers

Cleaning out the garage everything must go.
- Local pickup welcome (Central FL) and will discount cash only (PMs only please)
- All sales to the US only (lower 48) sorry
- All prices include shipping
- Method of payment is non CC paypal or MO (however they have to clear first before shipping)
- Everything will be shipped via tracking numbers
- Please no in post dibbs first one to PM me has dibbs
Heat rudedog ebay jiml1968

Sorry no trades unless it's modern Intel based mac stuff.

NAS 2x Linksys EtherFast EFG250 $225 each
Each unit has two 250GB IDE drives installed for a total of 500GB
These units are maxed out as I know. Don't know if there is any custom firmware out there to increase their capacity


While I've checked these out and all three should run, these are sold as is more or less for parts.
Rack mounted server $150
2Gig Celeron
40Gig IDE drive
512 Megs of ram - shared with on board video
no OS

Rack mounted server $250
P4 3Gig
1 gig of ram
40Gig IDE drive

Old Penguin box rack mounted server Parts only $150
May have a bad CPU P3 1gig
Adaptec 29160 SCSI + onboard SCSI
8G SCA SCSI drive
no OS


2X EZ swap 3.5" SATA "full kit" drive bay $35.00 each
Includes both the bay and drive cartridge
swap HDD w/o turning off PC
Aluminum Case w/ additional cooling
Temperature display w/alarm
New in box never opened
Package deal Full kit + Cartridge $45.00 if someone does not buy one or the other first

2X EX swap 3.5" SATA "cartridge only" (for above) $20 each
These are extra cartridges for the above kits.
New in box never opened
Package deal Full kit + Cartridge $45.00 if someone does not buy one or the other first


Alienware Grab bag (press kit from CES 08) $45.00
SOLD as a complete set not breaking this up
Alienware black plastic bag with drawstring (think apple store bag)
Alienware black "leather like" binder (think franklin organizer)
Alienware black small note pad (pocket size)
Alienware black squeeze ball
Alienware black pen
Alienware black mirror for LCD monitor (corner round mirror)
Alienware black key chain light, red LED
Alienware black keyboard brush
alienware black lanyard


Shuttle Xtended Storage Enclosure black $20.00
For 5.25"/3.5" drives
I am currently using one for a CD DVD burner
IDE ATA (internal interface)
40mm cooling fam
Cypress AT2 Plus chipset
external power supply (30W)
Dimensions (270x177x56mm)

2X 24 port 10/100/1000 switch with min GBIC 3.3V $350 each
like new black title says it all

Shuttle M2000 HTPC $1150.00

System specs:

MS media center 2005 -never registered
Core duo T2250
2 GB PC2-5300
250G sata300 7200RPM drive
DVD+RW Dual Layer slot Load
FG6600LE 256
1st TV tuner - single analog ntsc tuner
2nd TV tuner - single analog ntsc tuner
integrated 8in1 card reader
10/100/1000 ethernet
802.11 B/G wireless lan
shuttle media wireless keyboard with track ball
integrated 7.1 channel audio w/digital ports
shuttle media center remote control
NAS Buffalo home NAS 250GB $150
includes 250GB IDE drive
usb connector to add external storage

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bunch of stuff added.

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Taking OBOers