View Full Version : Getting sick of 2x Walmart PS2-ish controllers

05-10-08, 06:37 AM
I have 2 Game Elements GGE909 Force Feedback WIRED controllers...


They've always been a thorn in my side, especially since they're wired and everything else I have is wireLESS, but also because the down button on the D pad on both of them is a bit shifty in my NES games... and now with Vista I'm having some compatibility/detction issues.

I'd like to use a controller (or controllers) for Lost Planet, my EA '07 sports games, DIRT, maybe Gears of War, maybe GTA:SA, and definitely all of my emulators (NES, SNES, SMS, Genesis, N64).

Should I just get two 360 pads, or is there another wireless gamepad I should be thinking about getting?

05-10-08, 07:46 AM
If money is not too much of a concern, then the 360 controllers are very good.

05-15-08, 06:45 AM
So I bought a 360 controller.

I am satisfied. I don't play games quite enough to get teh charge and play pack; I'll let these Energizer AA's get dusted and then I'll try a set of Lithiums. If I can't stand the lithium's overall battery life then I'll get the charge and play equipment.

None of the analog sticks are off. Upon navigating to calibration in Vista, there is no weird stuff going on. Heck, the d-pad is even decent; WAY better than the digital on my PS2-ish controllers.

Lost Planet and GOW are working GREAT with the 360 controller, and I can't wait to get my EA '07 Pack installed to have my neighbor over for some 2 player. Heck maybe I'll have him bring 2 friends and 2 other controllers over for some FOUR player action! Haven't done that since the goldeneye days, lol.

I guess I'm one of the rare cases that hasn't run into problems or conscience issues with this controller. Oh well, I'm enjoying myself and can't wait to try it out with all my other games and demos.


05-16-08, 06:40 AM
You aren't the only one to enjoy the 360 controller on the PC! :D

Glad you liked it. ;)

05-16-08, 06:49 AM
I've been thinking of getting a corded one. They are pretty cheap on ebay. I've been using PS2 controllers on a USB adapter for years and they work extremely well but the analog triggers on the 360 controller are soooo much better for racing games.

I'd probably miss the button style d-pad of the PS2 controller though. It works about 1000x better than a big fat d-pad for old 2d games.

05-16-08, 07:58 AM
WiiMote, Or Logitech Rumblepad 2 ,which is nothing like using a DualShock with an adapter, much more accurate

360 controllers are crap

05-16-08, 08:34 AM

Hm, interesting... if I end up REALLY requiring a great d-pad I think I'd go this route.

Or Logitech Rumblepad 2 ,which is nothing like using a DualShock with an adapter, much more accurate

Why, are the drivers for the rumblepad 2 that much better than the homebrew drivers out there for dualshock/ps2/ps3 controllers? I used to have a dualshock with an adapter and a controller S with adapter, and both driver sets weren't so good.

360 controllers are crap



I'm gonna fire up my 8 and 16 bit emulators today and see how the d-pad works on the 360 controller. This won't make or break my purchase of this piece of hardware, but I'd definitely like to know if I should start thinking about a controller set just for this stuff.

After having so much trouble with the d-pad of my PS2 clone controllers, I got used to using an analog in the old games. So did my gf and friends... so I gotta take that into consideration as well. If we can play old 2d games with the analog of the comfy 360 controller just fine, then I can stop worrying about what to do.

One thing I already feel that I cannot live without is the R and L triggers. They are so much better than a static button type of trigger. ... worth noting is that I've been playing a lot of newer games that support the 360 controller, and it's nice to have everything feel seamless. I don't have enough energy lately to screw around with drivers and configs and such; I wanna just jump right into my game (after some control panel and ATITool tweaking of course, I AM a computer gamer after all). :p