View Full Version : 7800 prob?

05-12-08, 04:20 AM
i have been having a problem for a while now and i dont know if the graphics card is to blame or not. what it is is occasional, random reboots. changed motherboard, psu,hdd-new operating system fresh install,got different memory and cpu on their way. have changed a lot just to keep my card as it was expensive, at the time it was the best upgrade for my system. it is a gainward golden sample 7800gs. can the card cause these reboots? not enough power? dont have the specs for my psu(at work)
any thoughts please

XFX Support
05-12-08, 11:42 AM
We will probably need the rest of the system specs when you get a chance. The 7800GS can take a good amount of juice and if the PSU is not up the challenge it can cause reboots or even shut downs. Do you get any type of error code before the reboot? I would also try a different driver version as well.

05-12-08, 12:16 PM
no, no error codes, just straight back to the bios pages. it ran fine and was probably running constantly on for about 2 years:) the old psu failed and i replaced it with a 650w one, that seemed ok for 12 months till this problem started, the psu felt very hot,so a mate gave me a 450 he had spare.didnt help.next changed the hdd and put on new operating system(mostly so didn't lose all the data off the original.) while we were setting this up it rebooted itself several times! one of the ram chips seems suspect( 4 x 512 corsair)so thats going back.
got 2x1gig ddr400 pc3200 off ebay but system wont boot with those in?(gigabyte GA-81PE1000-g rev4) and new processor came today (p4 3ghz)
so clutching at straws now really, be a pain if its the card, as thats what cost a lot, but with what i've spent i could have gone a different route, ie:pcie