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05-14-08, 12:47 AM
I'm tired of having to feel around either on the front of my case for a button or switch, and since my keyboard isn't lit, I sometimes have to do the same. I want to add a couple of cold cathode lights to solve this, the problem being is that I have never dealt with these before. Where I would locate these are recessed into the lip that overhangs the case's drive door, and along a bar that supports my glass desk's top, right above the keyboard tray. The prime question is whether these get hot enough to do any damage either to the plastic of the case, or my fingers if I happen to touch one when typing?

I found an ad which also offers a sound activated switch:


It speaks of an inverter...is that standard for cathode kits? Could I power the lights from the computer's PS or the APC?

05-14-08, 02:01 AM
Yes you can solong as you do not turn of at the wall or the power switch at the PSU, i use the Antec LED lights and they work even when the PC is off.

05-14-08, 02:12 AM

What I was most concerned about is that I think that I read that the cathode lights are 12v, if that is true, then I was thinking of connecting them to my Scythe Kama fan controlelr. I'm not certain that if you use the rheostat to lower their power if that effects the voltage or the amps, but if it would work, that would allow me to adjust their brightestness.

Antec LEDs? How are they powered? Would they provide lighting over sufficient area to cover the drive bays and keyboard?

EDIT: I just Googled and the only thing that I found were fans...that is not what I want. Did you mean something else?

05-15-08, 02:31 PM
I could still use a little "light" on this subject, because I'm still a bit in the dark. From What I have been able to see, some cathodes have an inline inverter and some don't. I do not understand the need for an inverter, since these are 12V it would seem that they should work powering directrly from the PS's 12V rail. Since the cable has to pass through the case, I do not want to drill a large hole for a connector or inverter to pass through, but it appears that the cables with or without the inverters are hardwired at both end, either to the inverter or to the connector.

I guess that I will have to fabricate my own cable, but this would require being able to find connectors alone. I doubt that a 3 pin fan connector is available alone, so I guess that I would have to find a 4 pin molex for connecting to the PS end of the cable. Unfortunately, most of the ads that I have found so far are not detailed enough to know exactly the nature of the cathode kit's wiring. If I ended up with one that had an inverter, what wound happen if I removed it and ran the cable direct?

05-16-08, 11:20 AM
i use a remote control plug socket to make sure the usb lights that stay on when the pc is off are also turned off easily