View Full Version : Disabling I/O components allows me to install XP?

05-14-08, 12:08 PM
Got a system here at work a guy brought in from home. Top of the line everything. Quad core cpu, 9800X2, 4 gigs ddr3, asus P5E3, etc...

Windows install freezes every time at the formatting drive.

We had a dell in the past that had a similar problem but didn't even make it to the drive formatting part. Anyways, we disabled usb, firewire, esata, raid, etc and XP is loading fine.

Vista showed the same problem. would get to the purple-ish aura colored screen, show the mouse and then just sit there.

Is this a problem with the actual motherboard? We updated the mobo's bios to the newest version (to fix the cpu ID error)... but before disabling all the I/O stuff, we replaced the memory, video card, different hdd, cd drive, etc.. everything short of a different CPU we tried and we got stuck at HDD formatting 20% every single time.

Is it a bad mobo? Someting not go right with the bios??

05-14-08, 01:18 PM
is standard sata mode used or ahci?

05-14-08, 02:34 PM
he originally had it setup in raid 0 as there are a pair of barracuda drives in it but I went into the bios and changed the sata mode to IDE compatibility mode, unplugged one of the drives, etc.. still did the same thing.

I mean, we had 2 spare hard drives we tried to use also. One was another SATA drive and another was an IDE hdd and they both locked up during the format also.

So it's not an AHCI SATA problem I don't think... besides I've got sata drivers slipstreamed into the XP install disk that's worked on every machine I've seen that's given the "no hdd found to install windows to" error.

05-14-08, 03:42 PM
sounds like a motherboard issue tbh.

or maybe a driver issue? (ie you need a disk with a driver or something that XP/Vista doesnt have)

05-14-08, 03:44 PM
no we think something is up with the mobo. XP got installed once we shut all the IO stuff down but once in windows when we tried to install the network drivers, the system reboots. Go to install sound drivers -> blue screen.

We've already got an RMA from newegg on it so it's no big deal. If the replacement one does the same thing, I guess we'll see what other good DDR3 boards are on the market.

05-14-08, 04:29 PM
yea RMA should fix it.

05-14-08, 04:31 PM
The first thing I'd do with a machine like that is memtest the hell out of the memory.

MS Memtest Extended mode and Memtest86.



Prime95 blend mode is also a good idea for a few hours (at least).