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05-15-08, 05:57 AM
A question

Sure, I have an always-on net connection but what happens if I don’t play for 11 days and the moment I want to play my connection is down? Are you saying I’m not going to be able to play my perfectly legitimate purchased copy of the game, even the retail version, until I get permission?

The answer

That is correct. And I would suggest that you contact EA Support the moment this happens (once you get your internet back) to report the issue. If there are people having problems with the system as designed, then Support needs to hear about it so they can help us evaluate it for the next game title.

Wtf, you ask? Check this out, it's the new copy protection policy of Mass Effect

According to Derek French, Mass Effect, scheduled to arrive on the PC this 28th, will employ the same SecuROM online activation system that was initially put into Bioshock, allowing the buyer to activate his copy of Mass Effect for 3 times before politely asking to him / her to go to hell, that is, contact the customer service “helpline” to get it reactivated. And while the game itself wouldn’t require the DVD to be physically present in the drive, it goes one step further and phones home every 10 days and re-authenticates just to make sure legit customers are not the worst form of criminal scum publishers swear we are.

The authentication, which will be initialized every time you run MassEffect.exe, will send the CD Key and a unique machine identifier to the activation servers, which will be cross-referenced with the data that was sent when the game was initially activated. Well, actually, it runs screaming to Mama every 5 days, but if it can’t connect, it will still allow you to save the galaxy and sleep around with Asari consorts for another 5 days, presumably reminding you to re-activate often with the dogged persistence of a James Bond doomsday death clock

And the source for all this, http://masseffect.bioware.com/forums/viewtopic.html?topic=629059&forum=125 .

I really do wonder what goes on in the heads of these developer types. With this level of user hostility, and with the inevitable fact that the game's going to be cracked within a day of its release, do they genuinely think that this sort of thing is going to do anything but promote piracy and kill the PC gaming platform?

05-15-08, 06:04 AM
ehh didnt they take away the every 10 day re-authenticates?

05-15-08, 06:06 AM
Old news mate. They've removed it already, just one time activation now...