View Full Version : Sound card acting up.

05-18-08, 09:42 PM
I've recently noticed that my sound card doesn't load up the settings that I want. It's a Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro with the latest drivers dated March 14, 2007. Whenever I start up my computer, I don't catch this problem until I go to the sound control panel. For some reason, the Bass and Treble settings in the "Tone" tab don't play back. It sounds like everything is default. I have the Bass and Treble settings on the 3rd and 4th tick before it maxes out and when I listen to music or play games, it doesn't sound like it (sounds dull) until I click on the drag bars and press enter, then I get more clear and crisp playback. Is there anyway I can fix this? It's annoying having to go into the "Tone" tab every time I start up my pc just to get the sound that it's set at. Anyone else having these issues too? Please help, it's making me waste time.

Thanks in advance

05-18-08, 11:21 PM
Have you reinstalled your drivers? That'd probably fix it.

05-18-08, 11:53 PM
Yeah, that's the second thing I did. I just installed the ALchemy version that ATOJAR posted in the other forum and for some reason, I don't have to mess with the Tone settings anymore. Weird.

Anyways, it's fixed now in a weird way. I'll post back here if the problem persists.