View Full Version : Dammit! Plugged PC 360 pad into a 360, now won't register on PC! wtf!?

05-19-08, 11:14 PM
Playing Lost Planet on PC with 360 wireless pad (bought the "For Windows" version with the receiver recently).


Friend/neighbor comes over with alcohol in hand...

"Come play Halo 3."

My controller in hand, I trudge to his house.

Controller wouldn't initialize until I plugged ito the charge and play thingy for a sec (even though I have the AA battery version)...

Played Halo 3. Was pwn3d.

Came home, hoping to get some of my pride back before I went to bed.

Turn pad on, greeted with circling green LED's.

Take battery pack out, unplug receiver, and plug things back again for another attempt.

No go.

What gives? Did I "format" my 360 pad to only play on 360's from here on out?

Has anyone else here ever gone back and forth from console to PC with the 360 controller?


05-19-08, 11:38 PM
nvm... I guess... I uninstalled the MS driver for the receiver, reinstalled it and reinitialized.

workys now

... Guess I'll just keep my 360 controller associated with my PC... no migrating to consoles for this piece of hardware.. unless it's an emergency. ;)

So yay for my useless MS spam thread.


05-21-08, 10:26 AM
I had this problem also.

You have to pair it up with the device you want to use it with (PC or 360).

To pair with PC:

1. Hold xbox guide button until controller turns on. If it is already paired with a 360 and is in range of the 360, the 360 unit will turn on.

2. Hold button on top of the PC wireless unit until the green light starts blinking, then let go.

3. Hold small button on top of the 360 controller. The light around the guide button should swirl a couple of times and the north west quadrant light will stay lit. Your controller is now paired with your computer. If you had a 360 in range, you can now turn it off and the controller will stay on.

To pair with 360:

1. Hold xbox guide button until controller turns on.

2. Press small button on faceplate of 360 (it has a raised surface icon by it that looks kind of like this: O))) ).

3. Hold small button on top of the 360 controller until the light swirles a few times and the north west quadrant light is constantly lit up.

You can go back and forth fairly easy this way. Only pain is having to turn the 360 back off after you pair with your PC (if your 360 unit is in range).

Probably clear as mud but it took me a while to figure this out also lol