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05-06-03, 11:09 AM
i think im about to make the plunge to an audigy 2... ive just about had it with my soundblaster live... ive read plenty of reviews that say its great and stuff... my question is... im not a sound editor or anything... i play games mostly, so i want to know how much it improves upon the live 5.1 card i have... rememeber im only using a really ****ty 4.1 setup... sb's inspire...

but my main question is the cpu hit.. does the audigy2 tax the cpu signifiantly less than the soundblaster live??? im really looking for less cpu usage.
ive seen so many reviews, but they seem to compare to the audigy 1... i need a comparison to the soundblaster live...
can anyone help me out here??

05-06-03, 11:59 AM
Coming from a SBlive1024 (value) to an Audigy2, all I can say is WOW. You're a gamer, you dont need to think twice ;) I would say buy the retail and not the OEM, from compairing pics, the OEM looks different. I use heaphones, but have tested the Audigy with my sh!tty FPS1000 i think they are, 4yr+ Creative Cambridge SW 4.1 speakers, and they even sound better, not the same, but better :)

05-06-03, 12:14 PM
Speaking of the Audigy 2 mine came through the mail today (thanks smokey:D) but I'm having some issues getting any sound but hissing. These are the speakers (http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm?page=products/details&CRID=2&CONTENTID=5045&countryid=18&languageid=1) with the usual green and black connectors running from the front right speaker. I plug the green into the Digital out and all I get is a hissing noise. Anywhere else and nothing at all:cry:

Anyone care to walk me through this to see what on earth I bloody do to get recogniseable noise from them:D oh yeah and how do I disable soundstorm "for good"?

05-06-03, 12:27 PM
Originally posted by vampireuk
Anyone care to walk me through this to see what on earth I bloody do to get recogniseable noise from them:D oh yeah and how do I disable soundstorm "for good"?

To disable onboard audio, you should be able to do that through the BIOS. To get recognizable audio, have you tried swapping around the plugs to different spots? I had to do that to get full 5.1 audio on my nForce2.

05-06-03, 12:44 PM
Right I have the front ones working now that I disabled the sound storm, however the rear ones are still a mystery:D

05-06-03, 01:41 PM
jakup: don't even think twice about it ... i made the same switch you are thinking of, and it was definately worth my money.

05-06-03, 01:53 PM
until Creative releases "AdvancedHD" (EAX 3.0) for licensing to other mfrs (which they will not do until they have something better. just like they did with EAX1 and 2 which are now completely open-source)...

for the gamer...there is no subsitute for the CreativeLabs solution.

suckz too, because Creative rests on their laurels alot and doesnt really do the job they should with driver development in the past (but remember that companies, like people, change. and should be judged every year and not just judged once and always persecuted for a single bug)

i think the Audigy1 upgrade fiasco (releasing audigy2 only months after the first and totally dropping support for Audigy1 in expectation that everyone will just drop their card and upgrade only one year later is fuct.)

05-06-03, 02:30 PM
Bah, all sound cards suck. If you don't want compatibility problems you have to go with Creative, since they own A3D, EAX and Open AL, but Creative's drivers are less than great and none of their hardware ever worked flawlessly IMO. Plus 90% of the games with EAX support have stuttering, performance or stability issues with it turned on.

I saw an Audigy 2 on sale for 68 bucks... almost got it, but I figured why bother when I'll still end up playing most games in stereo anyway, and those few games that don't have EAX problems run fine on my non-Creative sound card.

05-06-03, 03:04 PM
Audigy2 is awesome. Great sound. Low CPU utilization. Go buy one.

05-06-03, 03:25 PM
Ahh there we go, all working. Thanks Smokey!:cool:

05-06-03, 09:07 PM
ok... i took your guys advice and shelled out the cash:D ive been playing with it for an hour or so... im really liking it! the sound is much much cleaner...

05-07-03, 02:43 AM
Agreed:D I noticed a huge difference between the Soundstorm and the Audigy2:cool: