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05-21-08, 03:05 PM
First: Sry for my English. I please for answer... I don't good write in English, but I not bad understand Text :)

My problem: When I play or just use Computer. My hard drive stop working and after that I must make restart. Then BIOS can't find this HD (It is set to be primary) then I must turn off computer and turn on again. Then all is ok :)
This problem is very irritating, because mostly I can't use a lot of programs. Even f.e. Mozilla when i use youtube :(
And I can't play games :headexplode:
This problem have not every day. This is for me most strange.
I changed molex cable (this heaved recommended my friend, but it don't correct my problem) Is another way to repair this?
Please help me, when You can :P

05-21-08, 03:14 PM
Sounts like the drive is dying chances are you won't be able to repair it.

05-21-08, 03:27 PM
Try uninstalling the driver if installed and using the one provided by windows.

05-21-08, 03:36 PM
Thanks for answers. I don't install any drivers for my hard drive. Ever all be good and I don't have any problems with this.
I have other second HD, but make backup the most important files, format an and set this HD to master, install windows and many many software is very quandary.

05-22-08, 07:16 AM
Proboably your hd is dying. :( sorry pal.
If changing molex didnt helped, then its hardly to be anything else

05-22-08, 07:33 AM
provide system specs, especially HDD and motherboard.

mojoman0 was talking about SATA/IDE controller driver not hard drive driver.

05-22-08, 01:22 PM
Masz podać jakiego masz kompa, nazer dysku i wogóle pełną specyfikację.
Wiem że się wstydzisz ale powiedz im :D:D:D

btw. Translated !

05-23-08, 02:20 AM
Hiczok I know what They says :P

But .... eh.......

Processor: Intel Celeron, 1700 MHz
Memory: 256 MB (Kingston K 400 Mhz ) + 256MB (MCI Computer 266 Mhz)
Graphic Card: Ge force 4 MX 420 (64 MB)
Sound Card: - integrated with motherboard (AC97)
Motherboard:ECS P4VXASD2
Hard drive:
Disk nr 1 - SAMSUNG SV4002H (40 GB) with this is problem IMO
Disk nr 2 - ST380012ACE (80 GB) - Seagate
power pack? - LOGIC 300 V
And... DVD RW

05-23-08, 01:37 PM
ok, the board is via based, there might be some compability issues, but if it worked before, it should work still.

i would say the disk is failing.

download hdtune and post the health tab

05-23-08, 03:43 PM
http://img382.imageshack.us/img382/2905/healtzp2.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

05-23-08, 04:36 PM
you should be backing up everything and plan on getting a new comp with those specs.

05-23-08, 05:00 PM
Bad sectors not a good sign at all.

05-24-08, 01:16 AM
those S.M.A.R.T results are not bad, 97 of 100 is pretty much standard score, all seagate HDD pretty much have same thing.

problem is that S.M.A.R.T info isn't always accurate, once HDD starts having trouble it won't resolve itself.

back-up and get a new one.

05-24-08, 01:16 AM
Based on those hours, your HD is over 100 years old! I would say that is your problem!

Ha Ha! More likely a bug in the HD count (perhaps related to its other problems) or a bug in HD Tune.

FWIW, I just ran HD tune on some of my disks and had 0 in the Data fields for all but spinup, start/stop, hours, power cycle, and temp. I would suggest backing up now before its completely dead and buying a new disk.

Good Luck

05-24-08, 01:20 AM
S.M.A.R.T info is not standardized, different HDD manufactures use different score/method of measuring.

btw, before you get a new HDD, it also would be good idea to test the HDD in different machine, there is a possibility the motherboard might be failing

05-25-08, 03:00 AM
Ok thanks for help.
I belive this **** stand by to Wednesday.
In this day i can only make a backup and install again the windows and rest of programs.
A lot of work...

I can't bay a new Computer before i don't have money for this :P
My money i must spend for more important things.
But thanks all.