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05-22-08, 10:05 AM
I showed this game to a friend last week and decided to play through it once more...now my system can handle it---maxxed out.I can only enable AA if I choose shader model 2,as soon as I select sm3 the AA option greys out,why would this be happening with the card I have? I tried forcing through control panel with 171.17 forceware but it has no effect at all.I tried setting to application and still nothing.Do I really need to use sm2 to apply AA???

05-22-08, 10:54 AM
i was able to force it in 175.63 driver using SM3.0

05-22-08, 03:15 PM
I think,you need install patch..After installation you can enable AA with SM 3.0 in-game menu..

hers the link:

BTW,if you have vista,Call of Juarez can be DX10 with another patch:)