View Full Version : FS:AM2 4000+, camcorder, Orange Box,VGA cable(360), Fat-PS2, old mobo w/everything

05-22-08, 08:17 PM
Half Life The Orange Box 360
Microsoft brand component cable
AM2 X2 4000+ 65Watt retail package, used about two months and still under warranty-
Low end system - Runs pretty decent. No driver CDs. It's about 1.2gz, 2 sticks PC100 Ram( 1 stick is 256M, not sure of the size other one as the sticker is missing)), onboard sound, onboard video, onboard lan. Also two of the fan fins were accidentally broken on when I was cleaning it but doesn't that affect rotation or anything. Will also include a 10GB hard drive.

05-22-08, 08:24 PM
Buy with confidence. Great seller. :thumbsup:

bob saget
05-23-08, 02:20 AM
we had a similar but older model camera :D

05-23-08, 12:52 PM
Liquid, old buddy. I'd gladly take the x2 cpu, and the low-end system off your hands.

05-23-08, 08:22 PM
Thanks KasuCode.

Last bump, wont be able to ship until next Saturday so if there is any interest please PM by 11PM east Friday.