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05-24-08, 01:12 AM
For the past month or so, my pc has been rebooting at random times. I finally narrowed down the problem with different error testing programs that I googled for.

After MANY hours, I narrowed it down to being a cpu problem that causes the random pc reboots. I have an AMD Anthlon XP2500 (166mhz x 11multiplier) overclocked to XP3200 (200mhz x 11multiplier). When I brought it back to default XP2500 speeds, there were no more reboots. I've used the overclocked XP3200 speeds for about 3 years since I got my computer, with no problems. I guess the CPU is dying out or something. I'm sticking with XP2500 for now.

Any idea why this became a problem over time and if it's fixable? My ram is corsair xms and it's running at 200mhz but I'm forced to run the cpu at 166mhz for complete stability. They're obviously not in sync (166mhz cpu, 200mhz ram) so I don't know if that would cause another type of problem.

I couldn't see no dust from the outside of the cpu heatsink to clean. I don't know if this is a major downgrade, but the person that built my pc 3 years ago got these specific pc parts to successfully overclock an amd xp2500 to xp3200

05-24-08, 11:41 AM
Start with reseating the heatsink with fresh AS-5, or any TIM you have available. TIM will degrade over time, maybe you're just due.

05-24-08, 11:44 AM
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