View Full Version : Abit reportedly to phase out the market after Intel 4 series chipset launch

05-28-08, 08:31 PM
Second-tier motherboard maker Abit is reportedly considering phasing out of the motherboard market after evaluating its shipment performance of Intel 4 series motherboards, according to channel sources.

Abit, however, maintains it does not know anything about the speculation and will continue to develop motherboard products.

Abit has failed to meet the expectations of parent company Universal Scientific Industrial (USI) in its ability to compete with fellow second-tier makers in terms of performance, or first-tier makers in terms of pricing in the mid-range and entry-level market, and so the company is evaluating whether to quit the market and start developing other products for the Abit brand, noted the sources.

In 2007, Abit shipped 2-3 million motherboards and had set a goal to ship six million units in 2008. However, the company's current shipments to date in 2208 have actually decreased. Abit will determine whether to stay in the market after evaluating its shipments performance of P45-based motherboards, added the sources.


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