View Full Version : Scanner problem.

08-25-02, 05:02 PM
I am having trouble with my scanner.

It is an old Plustek OpticPro 9636p

I can't seem to get it to work on windows 2000.

I try to install the 9x driver, it works but the scanned images are screwed... many different colors instead of the real ones.

Anyway, anyone have any opinion or advice?

I would apprecate it.

08-25-02, 05:43 PM
i have an opticpro 12000t installed on xp, the colors are also washed out in certain parts of the scanner, thats from not using and just leaving it on the desk. i think plustek makes some poor scanners. your model does not have linux, mac , or windows 2000 support. unless you can code your own drivers your out of luck.

08-25-02, 08:26 PM
The problem has been resolved, found a 2k compatible driver floating around.

As for plustek... Yes they suck.

While the image quality with mine has always been nice (actually surprisingly good,) i have had many peoblems since day one.

To all prospective buyers, go HP instead.

08-25-02, 08:55 PM

I agree that HP makes the best scanners. I have owned a 6200c for 3 years now and it is simply incredible. A word of advice though; set the scanner so that the lamp is on only when needed. This is a lesson I have learned the hard way :(

The Baron
08-25-02, 09:11 PM
I had an HP scanner for years (SCSI! HAH!), but bought an Epson scanner a few months ago, and DA-AMN! Image quality is insane, it scans FAST, and it does slides beautifully.

HP and Epson are the best, period.