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06-03-08, 01:25 AM

As my nerves are ready to break, I come here in desperate need of help:
I have a Leadtek PX8800GT 512MB (based on an nVidia GF 8800GT).
I have been having some issues under some games such as Assassins Creed such as insufficient fan speed leading to crashes.
Since I use both XP and linux, I was trying to find a global solution.
On the Leadtek website I found a newer firmware which was supposed to solve such issues, so I gathered some informations and tried to flash my card.
I am using a boot CD based on Free DOS, then I have tried using either nvFlash and WWFlash, but they both failed.
I have the backup of my original firmware, but trying to flash it back doesn't work either.
I would like to get some help from nvFlash veterans and advice, so here are a few details:
- WWFlash seems to require the driver to run, so it appears I cannot rely on it anymore (it clearly says "NV adapter not detected")
- nvFlash always starts, tells me the adapter's bios is corrupted, and then asks for confirmation to flash, I say yes, it then cleans the eeprom and then I get a message "End of buffer" and a star character blinks on the top right of the screen. I can leave it seating like that for 30 minutes without any change. It did that the first time and every following attempt.
- In order to see what I am doing I set up a PCI video card (MATROX, >10 years old and still rocking).
- My motherboard is an ASUS P5B.
- I have tried "nvFlash.exe -4 -5 -6 backup.rom" but it does not work either.

Here is the log of an update attempt:

T:\>nvflash.exe new.rom

NVIDIA Firmware Update Utility (Version 5.63)

Checking for matches between display adapter(s) and image(s)...

Adapter: Gxx (0610h) (10DE,0610,FFFF,FFFF) H:NRM B:01,PCI,D:00,F:00

Identifying EEPROM...
EEPROM ID (C2,10) : MX 25L1005 2.7-3.6V 1024Kx1S, page
NOTE: EEPROM appears to be erased:
NOTE: Skipping PCI Subsystem ID and board ID checkes.
NOTE: Only correct GPU checked.
NOTE: EEPROM does not contain board ID, skipping board ID check.
Current -Version:Unavailable (Invalid) ID:0000:0000:FFFF:FFFF

Replace with - Version: ID:10DE:0611:107D:2AB0
G92 Board - 03930004 (Normal Board)
Update display adapter firmware?
Press 'y' to confirm (any other key to abort):

# Here I obviously press y so it keeps on as follows

The display may go *BLANK* on and off for up to 10 seconds or more during the up
date process depending on your display adapter and output device.

Identifying EEPROM...
EEPROM ID (C2,10) : MX 25L1005 2.7-3.6V 1024Kx1S, page
WARNING: Adapter does not have a preservation table,
unable to preserve board settings.
Clearing original firmware image...

└――――――――――――――――― End of Buffer ―――――――――――――――――┘

And that's it, a character that looks like ※ is blinking on the top right corner of the screen, and the "End of Buffer" line is blue. From there on, no more activity. I haven't tried with a floppy disk yet, so I'll probably give it a shot with a Win98 boot disk but I am rather skeptical.

Thanks in advance for any help I could get.

06-03-08, 02:00 AM
You shouldn't need a Win98 boot disk. If you install the files correctly onto a diskette, it'll boot from it anyways. Try a diskette and report back. Good luck!

06-03-08, 03:09 AM
Thanks for the suggestion.
I had to fight to get my dusty rusty floppy drive back to life, but once I did, I formatted a bootable disk and put the files required for the flashing in.
To my surprise, this time it got all the way through, and now my card works again.
I don't know what was wrong about the CD or FreeDOS, but I wish someone could come up with a precise HOWTO to get this done using a CD. Floppy disks saved my a$$ (talking about that your signature is lovely) many times but I just don't enjoy so much relying on them...

06-03-08, 08:36 AM
dont use a floppy you are asking for failure. Use NVflash 5.33 - anything higher didnt work for me last time. Boot into windows, goto a command prompt, (start, run, cmd). Or use bootable flash drive.

Change to the directory nvflash and the bios are located in.

Then run the command - (like you did)
nvflash xxx.rom

Dont use anything higher than 5.33 they didnt work.

Link - http://www.mvktech.net/component/option,com_remository/Itemid,26/func,download/filecatid,1701/chk,2f69ee76986aacb078b6d57bab328112/

I just flashed my GTX about 2 weeks ago.