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06-03-08, 05:44 PM
Good news for the UT3 fans.

Unreal Tournament 3 - v1.3 Patch Details

Fixed overlay mesh showing up on hidden sniper rifle when un-zoomed.
UTGame.bNoCustomCharacters is now globalconfig.
Now hear own auto-taunts.
Fix for Liandri bots riding high in vehicles.
Fixed mutators disappearing between matches.
Fixed up PC DLC screenshots and player counts.
Vipers can no longer be driven around underwater if entered while underwater - they pop up out of the water, even if deep in it.
Fixed announcements not playing properly in WAR-MarketDistrict during the campaign.
Fixed manta crouch exploit.
Fixed loaded RL switching away before releasing load on net clients.
Fixed occasionally getting stuck when getting up from ragdoll.
Fixed ending zoom when go into feign death.
Fixed giving proper stats credit for translocator telefrags.
Fixed giving proper suicide stat credit for certain environmental suicides.
Fixed Hoverboard foot placement when watching other client get on.
Improved the turret controls on the rail turret with analog controller.
Fixed friendly fire mutator showing up as option for Duel.
Fixed bug where second enforcer wouldn't show up if picked up while switching to enforcer.
Fixed shock/instagib beams which were grabbed from emitter pool sometimes incorrectly having DPG_Foreground set.
Fixed "missing required file for demo playback" error message.
Fixed redeemer explosion on client when shot down.
Fixed big head mutator head scaling popping out at distance.
End the match right away in duel if a player leaves.
Fixed not getting kismet node destroyed event when node captured by orb.
Fixed effect showing up for disabled weapon lockers.
Don't modify power core damage caused by kismet.
Fixed scavenger legs disappearing in kill volumes.
Deployables can no longer be deployed onto hover/flying vehicles.
Fixed Hoverboard script warnings and possible crash if hoverboard fails to spawn.
Fixed impact hammer impact camera shake for low gore clients.


Added motion blur menu option for PC (defaults to off).
Fixed zero extent collision bug in octree code (finding nodes in Z axis).
LOD Hysteresis / LOD Decision making bug fix.
Fixed default mesh not having proper LOD settings.
Fixed rare darkwalker physics crash.

User Interface:

Added player name list to server browser.
Added midgame map voting, with serverside config options in UTGame.ini:
bMidGameMapVoting: Enables/Disables midgame map voting
MapVotePercentage: The percentage of votes required to initiate a map switch, counts down based upon VoteDuration;
NOTE: When VoteDuration=0, votes for a single map must exceed this percentage, but when VoteDuration is not 0, the number of players voting must exceed this percentage
MinMapVotes: The minimum number of players that must vote in order to initiate a map switch.
InitialVoteDelay: Delays the enabling of map voting for this many seconds
Fixed History being saved for servers joined via cmdline and console.
Fixed leading vote count indicator when map voting underway.
Donít show muted talking player portraits on HUD.
Simple crosshair tweaks.
Added the number of files left to download to the package downloading message.
Fixed Krall portrait.
Fixed clipping vehicle HUD beacon when not visible.
Fixed endgame timer so that it isn't affected by changes in game speed (also fixes vote timer)
Fixed SPMA deploy icon offset.


Always sort relevant actors by priority. Should fix the weird actors/properties never getting replicated issues.
Fixed gibs not showing for clients of listen server if the gibbed player wasn't visible to the server player.
Fixed gibs not showing for clients of low-gore listen server.
New dynamic netspeed adjustment system for listen servers. Improves network performance for listen servers which typically have limited upstream bandwidth by dividing available bandwidth between clients. Configurable through new properties in UTGame.ini:
TotalNetBandwidth=32000 (total upstream bandwidth to be apportioned)
Fixed "you have lost the match" messages to spectators at end of duel match.
Fixed cases where GameSettings cache in the GameInfo wasn't properly getting NULL'd out on DestroyOnlineGame().
HTTP redirect with compression now falls back to the uncompressed case if the compressed file could not be found.
Fixed erroneous "connection failed" error when performing non-seamless travelling.
Fixed hoverboard link failure sound playing in the world and being replicated.
Fixed low gore clients seeing gibbed players as headless if playing on full gore server.
Increased tracked turret net priority.
Fixed Hoverboard networking replication issues (hoverboard now smoother in net games).

Server administration:

UWeb fixes for WebAdmin.
Fixed downloaded cooked maps not being loaded correctly in some cases when requested by the server at initial connect time.
Fixed net object count problem when using the conformed/cooked audio packages in PS3ModTools. Fixes some networking issues for custom maps.
Final fix for packagemap problem with going from DLC -> RTM maps.
Fixed properly showing number of players needed for match to start when minplayers is set and bots are enabled on the server.
Fixed bug with PlayerID being reused for bots after a seamless travel.

Mod support:

Added support for Interactions to have a PostRender call (to render to canvas).
Added support for Interactions to have exec functions be called on them.
Added cut/copy/paste support to the console.
Added Deproject() to canvas.
Fixed base InventoryManager implementation of GetWeaponRatingFor().
Fixed crash when placing a new UINumericEditBox in UI editor.
Fix for custom factions in the UI.
Added optional flag for ScriptedTextures to skip next clear so that a ScriptedTexture client doesn't need to draw every texel of the ST every update.
Added support for -mod commandline option so that a TC mod can have a .ini file "sandbox" - where they can have new content paths, new startup maps, etc..
Improved system for getting camera death effect.
Implemented fix from Aegia for an NxFluid crash.
Fixed beams not rendering in Cascade.
Fixed crash when updating a UIPrefab.

Map specific:

Fixed CTF-Searchlight black boxes before match starts.
Fixed CTF-Searchlight search lights.
Fixed CTF-Hydrosis collision issues.
Fixed DM-Morbias collision issues.
Fixed collision issue in DM-Deck.

AI improvements:

Fixed bots not using link gun beam on enemies.
Better bot celebration management.
Fixed bots doing multiple end of match celebration taunts.
Improved impact hammer AI.
Improved darkwalker AI support for crouching under obstacles.
Improved bot hoverboard AI.
Fixed bots sometimes not picking up flags/orbs they dropped.
Fixed bots never spawning in if initially not enough playerstarts.

sammy sung
06-04-08, 06:47 AM
Dunno how many thats interested anymore,the UT community i used to belong to didnt exactly welcome this game with its many faults and shortcomings.The first open cup on clanbase for it is full of noshows and clans that stopped playing it and by the looks of it this game will end gaming within the UT universe for many.It did for me,i havent started the game since march and never liked it.Saddening in some ways , this series has meant a lot to me since 99 but time to move on i guess.Goodbye Unreal Tournament,i'll miss you .

06-04-08, 07:48 AM
It's surprising to see it get patched so much, but then again I guess it would be really bad press for them to have buggy UT3 for their UE3. So they have to patch it up. I haven't really played it for a while, I enjoyed the bot matches though and no DVD required is a great thing.

06-04-08, 07:51 AM
I wonder if the game is "finished" yet lol.

06-04-08, 07:56 AM
I bought this game and I still like it. I was always a big fan of the UT series. I think we've all just moved on with the more complex, real world type shooters. A deathmatch only game like Q3 or UT just doesn't do well in 2008.

I noticed there's hardly any games going when I open the server browser in game, it's like 1-2 pages. :(

06-04-08, 06:27 PM
i bought it on steam and regret buying it

havent played it much

servers are pretty empty too

06-04-08, 06:54 PM
No high res texture pack yet? Pass.

06-04-08, 08:00 PM
No high res texture pack yet? Pass.

They are for the most part "high-res" however it's the massive compression that's making stuff look all bleh-like.

06-04-08, 08:29 PM
They should just admit they rushed it out the door unfinished and drop the game. No one is playing it anymore.

06-05-08, 10:18 AM
I have owned every game in the series beginning with the original Unreal Tournamnet. I rarely play UT3 any more. I believe there are many reasons why the servers are so empty.

Even with a powerful system, many tweaks are needed to get the game to run and run smoothly. (I had the hitching problem). The average player that fires up the game has to be savy enough to fix the inevitable problems with the help of forums and tweak guides. Many are not. They want a game that runs out of the box.

DM just isn't fun. The biggest gripe I see in Battlefield forums is the dislike of "bunney hopping." UT3 DM has regressed to a bunch of bunneys on crack. When the dodging and trick jumping tricks were introduced in UT2004, DM went from an aim and strategy (control the power ups) game to a contest of who could bounce around continuously the best. Every DM map is now dominated by a handful of players who, based upon years of practice, clever key binding/macro tricks or both bounce all over the map non-stop like ping pong balls in a wind tunnel.

The team based servers are almost never populated.

06-06-08, 10:42 AM
Sad to say as big of a UT fan as I was but this game failed out of th gate, never caught on and is dead as dead can be... I hate wasting money on an online game that no one played. I would have given it more of a chance if others would have. Bot matches = boring...

07-21-08, 09:46 PM
My daughter loves these game from the first U.T to the last one U.T3 .I was scared she might have trouble playing it .But the AMD 4400x2 and two gigs of DDR ram and the ATI Radeon X1950XT 256mb version played it just fine .It was a lot smoother then I thought it was going to be.She just has a 19" monitor and played it at 1280x1024 I cut down a couple of settings by one notch ,but it still looked good and I was amazed of how smooth the game played .She did'nt have no slow downs ,I don't know what the frame rate was but it look like it was playing with enough FPS.The 256mb X1950XT was more powerful then I thought it was going to be.

07-21-08, 09:53 PM
So is the game coded better than you though, or is the X1950 more powerful than you thought?

I'd like your response in a full sentence answer. Show working. kthnx

07-21-08, 09:58 PM
When's this patch coming, maybe it will fix everything that's bad with it!!

07-21-08, 10:17 PM
They might as well give up: no one is playing this.

07-21-08, 10:22 PM
They might as well give up: no one is playing this.

Speak for yourself, I log on regularly and have no problems finding active servers (PS3) (lee)

07-21-08, 10:23 PM
I was on the other night, the screen was half full of active servers. Not even one full screen's worth in the browser.


07-21-08, 10:48 PM
Speak for yourself, I log on regularly and have no problems finding active servers (PS3) (lee)

Out of curiosity did they ever get cross platform working?

07-21-08, 11:23 PM
cross platform sux

07-21-08, 11:48 PM
I couldn't find any players on pc.