View Full Version : Can a Mobile 8800MGTS be overclocked?

06-04-08, 08:52 AM
I have a new Gateway laptop that uses this, Im wondering if anyone else on the forums has tried overclocking this chip and if they have how did they do it?:headexplode:

06-04-08, 08:58 AM
I wanted to try overclocking my dual 8700m gt on my M1730 but I don't think rivatuner would let me.

06-04-08, 09:23 AM
I have used NTune to overclock the GPU on my laptop, but I honestly don't see it as worth it on a laptop. It never gave me more than 1-2FPS and the increased risk isn't worth it. You run a higher risk of damaging your laptop than you would in a PC. Since everything is sandwiched together, you could damage something other than just your PSU.

I downloaded hacked/modified drivers from laptopvideo2go.com and then used NTune to OC. Good luck, though honestly I believe you shouldn't OC laptops.

06-04-08, 09:36 AM
Mobile GPU's are usually super hot due to the conditions that they exist. Overclocking them further is asking for trouble since they're already pushed to their limits.