View Full Version : Weird flickering on my Dell 24''

06-05-08, 04:04 PM
So its been doing this ever since i first got it. It even did it on the first one i received which died. It flickers, like a very faint flickering in the background. You cant see it head on but only at angles.

Idk if its a refresh rate issue, or a driver issue or what. Anyone have any advice?

06-05-08, 04:29 PM
Post the model and revision.

I replaced the first 2 or 3 2405FPWs I got because of graphical anomalies, and they kept sending me early revisions which still showed issues. The final one was the latest revision and it looked beautiful.

AFAIK another member here still has it and is as happy with it as I was. If you do have to RMA, Dells turn around for me was never more than 2 days, very fast.