View Full Version : AGP Compatbility

05-08-03, 08:03 PM
I am helping a friend decide on what videocard to buy and we have come into a problem I don't have the answer to. He is thinking about buying one of the GeForceFX's, but he is still using an old PentiumIII system. The motherboard has agp on it, but it is only 2x. I know that the FX supports agp 8x and 4x but I am not sure about 2x. I was wondering if anyone knew of any issues with plugging this card into an agp 2x slot, if it would even work at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


05-08-03, 08:21 PM
No video card that supports AGP 8x will work in a 2x motherboard. Best advice would be to invest in a new motherboard and processor. Don't go overboard and you should have enough money left over to pick up either a GF4 Ti4200 or Radeon 9500 Pro.

05-09-03, 11:35 AM
That would be my advice invest in a new mother board, a A7N8X-Deluxe2.0 or something from abit and a new XP1700 thoroughBred since they don't cost but around $50 and they overclock good most will over clock to 2.2gigs and higher