View Full Version : TV Connection

06-13-08, 05:24 PM
I thought that the RMA that I installed today was doing good, until I noticed that there was no output to the TV. Actually, there was, but only in random wavy lines. I checked the connections and found one loose, so I tightened it. At first that appeared to do the job, because the TV did show the BIOS screens, but when Windows booted, there was only a black screen.

I fiddled with the Nvidia Control Panel, and had to force detection, and now I have the wavy lines back. Since the video card is the only new item involved, it would appear that it is the problem...but is it?

06-13-08, 05:49 PM
Apparently the video card is not the problem, because I rebooted out of x64 into MCE and the TV now displays properly. I noticed that in x64 it shows the TV as HDTV, which it is not. I do have an HDTV tuner, but it shouldn't be seeing that. In MCE it shows it simply as a TV as it always did in the past. How do I get x64 to do the same?

06-13-08, 09:34 PM
Problem solved...half way. X64 does not like 175.16, I went back to 169.21 and the TV is now working as it should.