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05-08-03, 11:53 PM
Got a new sys today (pretty much)

here's the specs.

*P4 1.6
*Basic Dell Mobo w/ USB 2.0 and a 64 BIT PCI SLOT!!!
*512 SDRAM :rolleyes:
*GF4 Ti 4200 64MB @ 300/630
*40x12x40 CDRW
*16x DVD
*Kick a$$ DELL accordian case :cool:
Adaptec 29160 SCSI Controller
18GB U160 Baracuda @ 10,000 as primary
2 x 40GB WD200BB in a RAID 0 @ 7200 each
SBLive value
Boston Digitals

Everything with a * is new.

Coming from:

Athlon 700 OC'ed to 933
512 2400 OCZ DDR :cool:
GF3 Ti 200
ASUS A7N266 Nforce Mobo
8x DVD
No CD Burner
Hard Drive Setup Same
Same Sound Setup
Same Monitor

Not much perfomance increase. Still a great upgrade though.

05-09-03, 02:55 AM
Why are you using SDRAM in your new PC?

05-09-03, 06:57 AM
Wasn't my choice. It was a "take it or not" kinda thing. And it felt like a good deal.

05-09-03, 07:06 AM
Not a bad little system:cool:

also, /moved;)

05-09-03, 07:19 AM
Originally posted by poursoul
Wasn't my choice. It was a "take it or not" kinda thing. And it felt like a good deal. But can't you use the DDR-SDRAM from your old computer in your new one and put the SDRAM in your old computer?

05-09-03, 10:44 AM
i think you're confused. you cannot just swap DDR and conventional SDRAM between mobos. Some motherboards do take SDRAM and DDR but niether of these boards do.

To the Flibilator: :o Sorry it just felt more like a casual conversation. I never noticed until now how rigid and confined different parts of the forums feel. Especially this one.

05-09-03, 11:57 AM
Hey, if that bad boy has a 64bit PCI slot you might consider an Adaptec 39160. I have a few for sale if you are interested. Cheap. They are Dell OEM as a matter of fact, and dual channel Ultra160 to boot!

05-09-03, 04:02 PM
I made a new thread just for you and me Riptide.


05-10-03, 04:01 PM
Nice little System, you should see a preformance boost. If you don't then something is not set up right. What 3DMark score you get with the old one and the new one?

05-13-03, 09:48 AM
about 6500 with the old system and about 8400 with the new.

If the new system had DDR then i would have gotten a much larger boost i think. But it was kind of a downgrade in that dept.

BTW: My girly got my old sys.

05-13-03, 11:52 AM
the P4 is hurting from the SDRAM. Just wondering do you still have the Athlon system? Can that Nforce board take AthlonXP, because if so then upgrading even to an AthlonXP1600 would see a HUGE performance difference between it and the P4. Yes, SDRAM hurts P4 that much :(

otherwise not a bad lil machine

05-13-03, 12:00 PM
yeah i think the nforce board could take a 2000+ if im not mistaken (with new bios)

The problem is money, the person actually gave me this system and $333 for hardware of mine.

The trade was definately slanted my way, but he got the good stuff anyway.

05-13-03, 12:03 PM
that's a great deal, but my point is you could have had an even better system by upgrading your Athlon one for a mere 50 dollars

although i just noticed u also got a 40x CDRW, and went from GF3TI200 to GF4TI4200 (300/630)... that definetly made the deal sweeter

05-13-03, 06:32 PM
and w/the 64bit pci slot i can go to a 39160 controller and get even more perfomance outa my scsi drive. YEAH!!!