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11-24-08, 10:21 PM
SLI or not to SLI... piss off the wife OR not to piss off the wife, that is the Question?!?!?

If you don't go SLI, she'll find something else to get pissed about. So what's to lose?

11-25-08, 01:04 AM
Got mine today... took me a couple hours to get it up and running. Darn thing fits in my case by like 1/8th of an inch, I really had to wedge it in there, which probably isn't good for heat purposes.

I have only tried Farcry 2 on it so far and the games plays perfectly with everything on high at 1920x1200, which is all I could have ever asked for really. Very pleased.

11-25-08, 03:53 AM
i ran FC2 maxed on my 8800GT, not the most demanding game

11-25-08, 05:00 AM
i ran FC2 maxed on my 8800GT, not the most demanding game

Farcry 2 ran circles round ma poor 8800GTX :(

then again, I was trying 1920x1200 @ high quality.....

11-25-08, 11:06 AM
Question; is there a tool that can OC the 260's 2D memory clock higher than 150MHz? Rivatuner can only clock from 100 to 150MHz.

But I'm starting to think 100MHz is too slow for Vista AERO.

11-25-08, 11:51 AM
But I'm starting to think 100MHz is too slow for Vista AERO.

Sorry, I don't have the answer, but I do have a question. Since Vista AERO actually uses the 3D hardware, does it even use the 2D clock? (I would hope so, because it seems the alternative is serious power burn, but I'm curious.)

11-25-08, 12:10 PM
While in Vista, the GPU uses 2D clocks.

I already solved my problem. I Overclocked the 2D to 325MHz.

I had this weird laggy feeling scrolling down web pages, so I think a 300MHz core clock was too low for Visa AERO 1920x1200. ;)

Edit; no, it was not solved... Hmmm, very weird.

When I rebooted, and scoll down a webpage with the mouse pointer on the scroll bar, it feels "laggy" in AERO. When i switch to Vista Basic, the problem is gone... Very weird. When I switch back too AERO the problem is gone, and after a reboot using AERO it comes back.

Anyone else having this problem too?

I think this is a driver problem... I'm using 180.48.

11-25-08, 12:55 PM
what mouse do you have? tried changing mouse settings?

11-25-08, 01:50 PM
No, but the weird thing is; using vista basic scheme gives no problem...

I'll keep basic for a while, and see if the problem is gone with the next driver. :)

11-25-08, 11:11 PM
Just got my evga 260 core 216 896-P3-1265-AR today, I wasn't expecting much from the card vs my trusty 8800 GTS CO 320 but it's giving me double the fps in some games. :c

11-26-08, 01:43 AM
Holy hell, Crysis plays smooth as butter in 1920x1200 with everything on high! WTF? I am amazed.

11-26-08, 02:38 AM
Holy hell, Crysis plays smooth as butter in 1920x1200 with everything on high! WTF? I am amazed.

Nice to see your card works well too :)

I installed mine last night and man it roxx! :D

11-28-08, 12:35 AM
Holy hell, Crysis plays smooth as butter in 1920x1200 with everything on high! WTF? I am amazed.

Lol, I have the same experience. I didn't think the 260 (216) would be that good in Crysis but it is :). I went to very high except for shadows and with 2x AA. Now I know from my 8800GTX I had to play at much lower resolutions and lower quality levels, plus the first part of the game where not as demanding as the ice level parts. Finally I am getting to play this game right!

11-28-08, 03:59 AM
im amazed about crysis

in warhead i have been playing all settings at enthusiast mode at the most my monitor can do - 1680x1050

and i thought the game looked real on my 8800GT OC2 before the 280

12-01-08, 01:52 AM
Sounds like an awesome card guys. For me the last couple of levels in Crysis really knocked my 8800GTX out of the ring. How did the 260 handle it.

12-02-08, 06:36 AM
Well I just dumped two POS 4870s (512MB) in Crossfire for a silky smooth XFX GTX 260 (216) Black Edition!

Should be arriving tomorrow in the post!

I will never go back to ATI again...EVER The drivers are scandalous and Catalyst 8.11 broke everything as you will see by all the problems ATI users are reporting. I have been using ATI since the 3870X2 and have had nothing but problems. ATI only introduce profiles for games 3 months after they have come out....

Sorry to say this but ATI are just like AMD CPU's.. an exercise in cutting corners and mediocrity.

Really for a simple life its Intel and Nvidia all the way... I hope Nvidia come back and take the performance and bang for buck crown from ATI.... Cos they certainly have their drivers locked down compared to cheapo AMD who can't afford a decent driver team...

12-04-08, 12:17 PM
Im loving the GTX 280, just overclocked it and had this Vantage score, on air.


And with physx disabled (using only CPU).


12-05-08, 12:05 AM
:) Just got my gtx260. Came from a Sapphire Toxic 4850 that lasted 2 weeks lol

12-12-08, 12:12 PM
My EVGA GTX 260 216 arrived today, I concur with the Crysis (Warhead) verdict: It is excellent. It is very smooth at high/very high, 2xAA and 16x10.

Also I had a quick crack at OC'ing it: I got 700/1509/2400 which i'm pretty pleased with, max temps are about 75'C and no artifacts in Crysis or Far Cry 2.

I could easily go further but didn't want to increase the fan above auto to keep the temps down (at 60% it is about as loud as 100% on my old 320).

12-12-08, 12:16 PM
I got my third GTX 260 the other day. I ordered two vanilla EVGA GTX 260s off of Newegg and got two Core 216 cards instead. They're now all jacked into an EVGA X58 mobo. My old card is 192SP. Early results for my new build are below-


12-15-08, 01:44 PM
Tri-SLi idle temps in my SilverStone case.

http://img229.imageshack.us/img229/118/cardsidlefn4.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

Load is 62-68C in demanding games with 70% fan speed. I thought heat might be an issue and I'm happy to say it isn't.

12-17-08, 08:38 AM
i have another "i just switched from ati... " story. i was okay with my 1 gig hd4870, but i couldnt just stay away from nvidia! (all but two of my gpu's have been made by nvidia/ 3dfx).

i ordered a EVGA260-216 Superclocked ed and got a FTW version!

me happy!

12-26-08, 10:09 AM
I just ordered the EVGA 260 216 FTW from Newegg last night. Should be a good upgrade from this 9800 gt. I figured at 19201200 res it was the best solution foe me. Can't wait.

01-06-09, 12:47 PM
Got my Asus ENGTX260 with 216 cores today, only had time to check Far Cry 2 but gave me double the fps than my old XFX 8800 GTS 640Mgs

01-17-09, 02:17 PM
I just got my new rig built with an evga gtx260-216 55mm "ssc" 675mhz (about as fast as the original stock gtx280). Got the card from Newegg.

What a massive upgrade from nvidia 7800gs agp! :D I don't plan on overclocking this stock overclocked gfx card. I hope to avoid the "PSOD" (pink/purple screen of death)...