View Full Version : Esata FTW (Finally)

06-21-08, 04:44 PM
I figured this could warrant having a thread because it may interest some of the people here. I have a Seagate FreeAgent Pro 750GB USB & Esata enclosure. I got a really sweet deal on it back when so I figured I would try out esata for the first time. Unfortunately the results were underwhelming. Nekro pointed out that his Thermaltake enclosure worked much better than the stock one, so I finally got around to ordering one to try out and compare.

Here are the results:

This the the thermaltake's USB 2.0 port versus the Seagate FreeAgent Pro's E-sata port on a Silicon Image Sil3512 satalink port, sata 150. (Board is a Gigabyte K8NS Ultra 939) The FreeAgent pro's sata is slightly faster than the usb connection, but hardly close to what that drive should perform hooked directly to a sata header.


Now for the real test, Esata on both enclosures.


The results speak for themselves. 50% faster overall, and about 75% faster for the first 500GB of the drive. If I were copying a lot of files this could cut the time significantly between the two enclosures.

And just to throw it out there, here is the USB to e-sata comparison. As a side note notice both enclosures are identical results for USB speeds, so it is likely just the bottleneck of USB. The E-sata destroys USB by more than twice the speed.


I'll be much happier now when I have to shuffle around technet isos or other large files. This was the reason for getting e-sata in the first place. Anyone looking to make a switch to e-sata this should show that you don't even want to bother with an OEM enclosure as it isn't worth much. If you could have seen how hard of a time I had getting that damn thing apart just to get the drive out of it. :mad: After I broke it I did see that you are supposed to take a long rod a push a tab back through the bottom vents on the enclosure to pop off one of the sides. Too late now though. :cool:

Also, this was only done on a sata 1.5gbps interface onboard controller using a sata to esata bracket. I couldn't get it to recognize the drive right away on my 780i board so I'm going to have to play with that in a minute. The difference is that the 780i is sata 3.0gbps and allows you to set a port for esata, so there might be some slight gains on that controller instead. I would fully expect burst speeds to increase.

EDIT: Just got it working on my 780i board. Numbers are almost the same, but I just remembered that I didn't get for that little jumper. :doh: Brb