View Full Version : VIA Array Sync

06-21-08, 08:05 PM
While fumbling inside the case, I failed to notice that I had knocked a data cable loose from one of the drives in the raid array. When I booted, and the whistles went off, I shutdown and found it. However, it apparently caused the drives to become out of sync. I used V RAid to correct this, and then after waiting on it for 3 hours, the last thing that it said was that for some reason that it couldn't save the MFT file to I:, which is the first drive of the array. Now, it only gets to the Windows logo screen and hangs.

I'm less concerned about what happened, or even correcting it, because I hadn't finished installing everything anyway. However, I assume that MFT stand for Master File Table, and I thought that this would be something that would only exist on the boot sector of the harddrive. I looked within MCE, which is not on the array, just to see if I could find a similar file where it said that it would be...in the root directory of the active OS. Nothing was to be found. What is this about? This happened on both the original and the second sync, so I would like to know how to deal with it in the future.