View Full Version : Ordered a DoubleSight DS-263N

06-24-08, 01:40 AM
I hope it's as good as most say it is. I'll have my own opinion by late this week.

06-24-08, 09:52 AM
nice panel, please keep us updated

06-26-08, 04:55 PM
Early results and my opinion may change when they send me my polarization filter. I got use to the gloss on my NEC and actually miss it.

Rambling early thoughts-

First off, colors are great. Way too bright out of the box. I am not wild about the build quality of the unit itself and you get what you pay for. Seems cheaper than my old monitor and the panel quality makes up for that. I don't care for the knob you use to navigate the menu. Few monitors get this right. I miss my remote with my old monitor a lot. I could control all it's settings from that.

I set the panel to sRGB and reduced the contrast a tad. I dropped the brightness a lot. The colors are good and some may say too intense. The moderate tuning I've done has taken care of that. My NEC was a little sharper and I think that may have come from its pixel pitch. This is definitely a HQ panel and it is going to need tweaking to get it where I wish.

I fired up "Oblivion" and it looked darn good. There was tearing because I play without vsync. If there was ghosting, I missed it. I will more fully play test it later.

It did raise the load temps on my GTX :p

The bottom line would be if you want to beat it's raw panel quality you are going to need to buy a panel that costs around 1.2k. For what it costs, IMO it can not be beat. Would I recommend it for 720usd? At this time, yes.

I haven't found a single stuck or dead pixel. I hate the stand and my NEC's stand blew too. Connecting the power cable wasn't too bad and hooking up the DVI cable wasn't fun at all.

I'll come back and expand later.

06-26-08, 08:49 PM
Newegg told me to contact DS about the polarizer. Of course DS is closed.

Anyone know where I could buy an Advanced True Wide Polarizer if they screw me?

06-26-08, 09:11 PM
i thought the polarizer had to come with it. glad you're satisfied so far. any dead pixels? and hows the panels uniformity/backlight bleed?

06-26-08, 09:28 PM
No site on the internet lists this monitor as coming with the polarizer save Newegg or if they are out there I missed them.

One fellow at [H]ard said DS told them they had been instructed to tell people it does not come with the polarizer.

No dead or stuck pixels here. I haven't noticed any obvious backlight bleeding and haven't examined it thoroughly for traces of that. Uniformity is something I need to test it for.

I would not expect to compare the monitor well with a fast 6bit TN panel intended for gaming. Supposedly it's pixels are in overdrive which give it a rated 5MS response time. I do not believe it is actually that fast. I haven't noticed input lag either.

I'd rate it an average pure gaming monitor due to it's suspect MS rating. If you're looking for color accuracy and range it is top of the line. Photos, Video and TV look fantastic on it. So don't get one expecting to compare it well to a 2MS 6bit panel in gaming.

If you want the same panel from NEC you're going to pay around 1.2K. If you want the same panel from Planar you will pay 900usd.


Planar and DS overdrive the pixels and that suppose to give a better response time.

EDIT: It's not the monitor, I just ran a bunch of HD Movie clips. It must have been the AverMedia center. I was getting a black screen with that installed when trying to play HD clips, now they are back.

EDIT 2: It's uniform when black. I have an inch of faint backlight bleed in the top center. It's not enough to return IMO.

06-30-08, 01:23 PM
I played hours of AoC on this panel last night with all on, all maxed, AA|AF. It was flipping stunning. I am not sorry about my purchase one bit and I really appreciate it now. I tried Crysis before that. Same thing. Just incredible.