View Full Version : Bunch of stuff for sale

06-24-08, 02:34 PM
EVGA 8800GTX 768 MB(630/1000) bought in Mar 08 with box and all accessories - sold
Intel E8400 Core2Duo Processor(OEM) bought Apr 08, stock speed 3Ghz, overclocked to 4Ghz on air - $175 + shipping
Toshiba HD A2 HD DVD Player w/ box, accessories + 5 free HDDVDs - sold
Soundblaster Audigy 5.1 Soundcard - $20 + shipping
Netgear WG614 Wireless G Router - $25 + shipping
Guitar Hero 3 for Xbox 360 w/ wireless guitar and box - $65 + shipping
Eye of Judgement PS3 game w/ Eye Toy, stand, cards and mat - $50 + shipping

I have good feedback on ebay(puterdealz) and Heatware(tornadog). PM me with offers. All prices negotiable.

06-24-08, 02:55 PM
Bump for an awesome deal on the 8800gtx. :thumbsup:

06-24-08, 02:57 PM
Bumped for some great deals!

06-24-08, 03:13 PM
Hmm... that GTX is a massive temptation. After this Friday's paycheck I could buy it. But alas I shouldn't. I'm saving for a big upgrade... and I don't think that GTX would be all that much faster than my 9600GT... or would it? :o

Anyhow, bump for an ubelievably good deal! :D