View Full Version : Worth it? (Upgrade Question)

06-26-08, 12:04 AM
I plan on attempting to get my GX2 sold mainly due to the issues "i've" been having with drivers, but mainly one thing i'm wondering is if its worth selling the GX2 and 780i to go X48 (ddr3) and 4870 CF.

I'm lost on what to go gpu wise, I play most all new titles when they are released and play at 1680x1050 (22inch lcd) with hopefully 4xMSAA 16xAF when possible.

I was also thinking selling my GX2 and just getting dual 9800GTX+'s, I don't play crysis anymore and don't want that to be the decider on which gpu route I take.

What do you guys think? 4850/70 CF and sell my 780i/ram/gpu, or sell the gx2 and go with a NV solution (but which?)..

[edit]damnit, wrong forum...