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06-26-08, 04:47 PM
Created as a tribute to these classic racing series, this mod tries to offer to the rFactor player the gorgeous feeling and challenging experience of driving these classic cars.

Using GT Legends' 3D models as base of the project, the mod will include classic racing cars which were seen during touring races in the 60's & 70's, as well as the actual FIA historic counterparts with physics, sounds, liveries, etc. made from scratch, to bring a satisfactory and realistic driving experience to the player.
Some features of the mod:

* Many series available
- 2004 to 2006 seasons of the actual FIA historic series (including TC65, GTC65 & GTC76 cars).
- Authentic 60's-70's touring and GT cars seen at LeMans 72 and other important races of these years, featuring their own 3D models.
- Fictional cups (Abarth, Abarth TCR, Porsche 906, etc).
* Realistic scratch made physics, using real data of each car.
* Support for rFactor's RealFeel Force Feedback plugin.
* Scratch made sounds.
* Custom UI.
* And much more.


As you can imagine, we've a dedicated and talented team of people working in physics, skins, models, sounds, media, betatesting, etc. including some experienced drivers and people involved in the world or classic cars/racing.

Anyway, we always welcome dedicated people who wants to help in any area. Don't hesitate to contact us regarding this. We'll be glad to hear what you have to say.

You can contact us or get the latest information about the project at our site: http://historicgt.8.forumer.com

or at our RaceSimCentral Forum thread:

******* FINAL NOTE ********

Due to the use of GTL's 3D models, and the big respect we have for the great work Simbin did creating that game, a valid GTL DVD is going to be required to install the mod in rFactor.

This DVD check won't install Starforce in your computer. It only checks that you own a valid copy of GTL during the installation process of the mod.

Why do we do include that DVD check?

Because we all love GTL, and SimBin deserves the biggest respect for such amazing simracing software. We want to thank them for its creation, which inspired us and allow all the community get a closer view of these amazing cars.

Please note that SimBin hasn't give us a 'green light' to do this project, despite we're trying to contact them through their official emails. We haven't got an answer yet, but anyway, and as we wrote before, we're including some features to assure as much as we can that their work is respected.

Please note this project is not ending after this first release. We're creating new cars which will be released in future updates, after the release of v1.0. These cars are being made from scratch (including models), so aren't part of GTL.

Finally, lot of thanks to RFC staff, which allowed us to add this WIP. You're doing a great job with this site!!

Hope you like this mod. Don't hesitate to ask whatever you want. We'll be glad to answer you.