06-26-08, 07:52 PM
I have tried everything .I have been at this for two days and I have google and look at microsoft web site but I can't get it to load the drivers for a Raid system any help would be appreciated.

06-26-08, 08:41 PM
Floppy? If not, I know you can do it from a USB stick.

06-26-08, 09:14 PM
i had to put in the cd from my motherboard then browse to find them. like select (load drivers when it shows the harddrives)

look in your motherboard manual, it should say the directory on the disk

EDIT: look here: http://www.overclock.net/hard-drives-storage/305370-evga-680i-sli-raid-drivers-vista.html

06-26-08, 10:18 PM
I have tried everything .I have been at this for two days and I have google and look at microsoft web site but I can't get it to load the drivers for a Raid system any help would be appreciated.

You need to goto nvidia.com and grab the latest nforce driver.

Download that to any pc and then run the first part of the setup where it creates the directory under C:\nvidia\nforcewinvista64\15.17

If it is on a pc that doesn't have the 680i board that is where the installation will stall but the directory will remain on the harddrive. Or you can hit cancel after it extracts the files and there should still be a directory remaining.
Browse to C:\nvidia\nforcewinvista64\15.17\english\ide\winvi sta64 and inside of there you will find a folder called sataraid, copy the entire folder to the usb drive. Boot your installation cd for Vista 64, and you'll choose the custom upgrade path, and once it comes to the disk management screen you'll click on load driver. Browse to the "sataraid" folder that should be on your usb drive, and click on the nvraid or nvstorage or whatever is says. (Can't remember off the top of my head.) Once that is loaded you should be able to see your raid array.

Seems to me though that the NVRaid driver is already present on the Vista64 disc for a 680i board, but I'm not fully sure. Do you have your raid already setup in the raid bios configuration before trying to load it into windows?

On a 680i board you need to go into the main bios and under integrated periphrials there is an option for setting the raid config. You need to first enable raid on whatever ports you want to use it on. Then when you reboot the pc you'll hit f10 to go into the raid bios and create the array. Just double checking that you have done that before you are trying to load your Vista install cd, otherwise there won't be an array for the installation to see. It needs to be created prior to installation.

06-27-08, 11:43 AM
I done did all that and none of it worked .Finally read somewhere when haveing four gigs installed or all the slots, it caused blue screens of Death.I thought Vista 64bit was going to be so much better ,I on my fouth day .I took out two sticks and just ran one channel and I got it to install alright ,then I went to download windows update and then it was BSOD again ,I could'nt get it to restore or nothing ,it just went to blue screen and nothing else.I reformatted and started over and thought I would put in SP1 first this time .Everthing worked fine untill it got though and rebooted and again the bad Big Blue Screen Of Death.Windows XP was never this hard .I am on probbaly on my 12 or 15 install and just doing one thing at a time and hope this time I can get it to work.I have done memtest all my memory and it is fine and I have updated my Bios to the newest Bios update.I will give it until this weekend and back to my old trusty Windows -XP .Man all I wanted was to be able to use all of my four gigs of memory.

06-27-08, 08:32 PM
hmm I have 680i, 4 sticks of ram and raid0, didnt have any problem at all installing vista64
It recognized everything