View Full Version : 8800 GTX DVI to HDMI Problems! Help!

06-27-08, 12:30 PM
For some reason my power went out last night. When everything came back on my monitor worked and my projector that i have hooked up with a hdmi to dvi cable is now saying no signal but it is still being recognized in multiple displays option. When i try to set it to dualview just says no signal.

Heres what i have done so far.
Re-Installed Drivers
Switched DVI ports

Neither of these have worked

06-27-08, 12:34 PM
I had this issue on a 360/HDMI and an HDTV (HDMI) after a power outage. I simply unhooked the HDMI connection, hooked the 360 up with the plain ol' composite (SDTV) connections, started the 360, waited for it to boot up and get to the dashboard, turned it off, hooked the HDMI connections back up and it fixed it.

HDMI is great and all, but it sure has been a pain, from handshake issues to DRM issues.