View Full Version : Audio over HDMI?

06-28-08, 09:41 PM
Hey guys,

first time posting, wanted to ask a question, i was given a PNY nvidia motherboard nforce 7150/630i which has hdmi on the motherboard, i connected hdmi cable to my tv and it works but there is no audio, i can get sound via regular analog speakers, in my device manager i have a high definition audio bus that is not working and it does not look like there are drivers on the cd for this i have installed everything from the cd and still it says it can not find the drivers, don't know if this has anything to do with the problem but mentioning it, can this board do audio over hdmi?

the specs for this pc are
pny nvidia 7150/630i mobo
2 gb 667- mushkin mem
intel e2180 @2.0 ghz
500w antec power supply
windows xp 32b

06-29-08, 10:03 AM
Never mind found my problem, Nvidia HDMI driver was not included on the cd once i found this and installed it got sound over hdmi